Czeslaw Slania has engraved stamps for Monaco since 1972, and since that time around 150 Monegasque stamps have been issued, bearing Slania’s name. Many of the definitive stamps are part of long series with similar design, running over years, so not all these stamps will be shown here, but notice about further values is mentioned in each case.

  • 08.05.1974. Imperforate souvenir sheet issued at the occasion of Prince Rainier III’s 25th government anniversary. Photo by Howell Conant.
  • 08.11.1978. Henry Dunant (1828-1910), founder of the International Red Cross. The stamp was issued in a souvenir sheet in commemoration of Croix-Rouge Monegasque 1929-1982. Stamp depicts to Henri Dunant and wounded soldiers.
  • 13.05.1975.  European Architectural Year.  “Villa Sauber” by Charles Garnier:  Monaco National Museum. 
  • 03.05.1977.  Prince Albert I.  50th anniversary of the publication of “The Career of a Sailor”, by Prince Albert I. 
  • 28.04.1980.  Europa Stamp.  Marcel Pagnol (1895-1974), French dramatist.
  • 14.03.1979.  Prince Albert, Crown Prince, at his 21st birthday. 
  • 19.04.1983.  Anniversary of Death of Princess Grace.
  • 03.05.1982.  Creation of Archbishopric of Monaco 1981.    

  • 03.05.1982.  800th birth anniversary of Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), founder of the Franciscan Order.

  • 08.11.1982.  Anna Pawlowa (1882-1931), Russian ballet dancer of international fame.  The stamp was issued in a set of three, featuring famous artists. 
  • 09.11.1983.  150th birth anniversary of Alfred Nobel. 

10.05.1984. Definitive Stamps : Former Sights from Monaco. Paintings by Hubert Clerissi.

  • 25.03.1985. The International Stamp Exhibition “100 Years of Monaco’s Stamps”, Monte Carlo.
  • 23.05.1985. Europa Stamps. European Music Year. In the middle 23.05.1985 and at the right Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687), French composer.
  • 05.12.1985. Centenary of the First Stamp of Monaco. From left to right Prince Charles III (1818-1889), Prince Albert I (1848-1922), Prince Louis II (1870-1949) and Rainier III (1923-2005). This sheet exists imperforated and also were printed different colour essays, very scarce.
  • 22.05.1986. Centenary of the Statue of Liberty in New York.
  • 23.01.1986. Definitive Stamps : Former Sights from Monaco by Hubert Clerissi.
  • 16.11.1987.  Louis Jouvet (1887-1951), French actor, film- and stage director.  The stamp was issued in commemoration of the birth centenary of Jouvet.
  • 23.04.1987.  50th anniversary of the Philatelic Bureau.  
    Please note that this set exists also as a bloc (sepia-coloured), issued on 13th November 1987 (Scott # 1607).
  • Prince Rainier III.  Scott # 1562a.
  • Villa Mirafiores, Seate of the Philatelic Bureau.  Scott # 1562b.
  • Prince Louis II, Founder of the Philatelic Bureau.  Scott # 1562c. 
  • 26.05.1988.  Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930), Norwegian explorer of the North Pole and arctic areas.  The stamp was issued in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Nansen’s first Greenland Expedition. 
  • 04.09.1990.  Pierrot Ecrivain.
  • 07.11.1991.  Portrait of the French painter Claude Monet, by the French painter Auguste Renoir.
  • 1989.  25th anniversary of the Princess Grace Foundation.  Princess Grace of Monaco, and her daughter Princess Caroline.
  • 09.05.1989.  40th anniversary of the reign of Prince Rainier III. 40th anniversary of government of Prince Rainier III.  Please note that a similar bloc of the same design was issued in 1999 (blue colour) at the occasion of Prince Rainier IIIs 50th government anniversary (Scott # 2128).  
  • 07.11.1991.  Centenary of the first stamps of Monaco, showing a portrait-bust of Prince Albert I.  The stamps were only issued as a souvenir sheet and exist imperforated.
  • 22.02.1991. Definitive Stamps : Former Sights from Monaco by Hubert Clerissi.
  • 25.05.1992. Definitive Stamps : Former Sights from Monaco by Hubert Clerissi.
  • 20.10.1992 and 15.02.1993.  Mercantour National Park. Birds.
  • 04.05.1993.  Definitive Stamps : Cacti from Exotic Garden. 

28.07.1993.  Admission of Monaco as membership of the United Nations.   Only the central stamp, Rainier III´s portrait was engraved by Slania. Other two stamps were made by Jumelet.

24.03.1993.  Princess Grace of Monaco, 1929-1983 (former Grace Kelly).  The stamp is a joint issue with the United States in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Princess’ tragic death in 1983. 

  • 07.01.1994.  Definitive Stamps : Cacti from Exotic Garden. Same as previous types, with new facial value. 
  • 15.10.1994.  Definitive Stamps : Cacti from Exotic Garden. 
  • 15.10.1994.  Inauguration of the Postal Museum in Monaco.  The stamps were issued both as single stamps and in a souvenir sheet. From left to right:  Prince Albert, Arms of Grimaldi, Prince Rainier III. The single stamps (Scott No. 1922-24) have the face values of 3, 4 and 7 francs, whereas the stamps from the souvenir sheet are all denominated in 10 francs. 
  • 07.01.1994. Dolls from Musée National de Automates. Dolls of XIX Century.
  • 13.02.1995. Monte Carlo Television.  35th Anniversary.  Crown Prince Albert.
  • 05.05.1995. Birthday´s Centenary of Prince Pierre of Monaco (1895-1964). 
14.05.1996. XX Anniversary of the Archives of Monaco.

NOTE: For identification of portraits I have classified them by facial values; with same value is indicated in first position the left portrait and and in second position the right portrait:

– 3,00 Fr. St. Nicolas, by Louis Breá (1443-1520).
– 3,00 Fr. Hector Berlioz (1803-1869), Composer.
– 4,00 Fr. Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), italian writer.
– 4,00 Fr. Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918), poet and art-critic.
– 5,00 Fr. Jean-Baptiste Bosio (1764-1827), painter.
– 5,00 Fr. Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (1873-1954), writer.
– 6,00 Fr. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (1533-1592), writer, philosopher.
– 6,00 Fr. Francoise-Joseph Bosio (1768-1845), sculptor.

14.05.1996.  Definitive Stamps : Cacti from Exotic Garden.

  • 29.04.1996.  Europa Stamp:  Princess Grace (1929-1982).

  • 06.05.1998.  150th birth anniversary of Prince Albert I (1848-1922).

03.08.1998.  Cacti from Exotic Garden.

  • 09.05.1999.  50th anniversary of government of Prince Rainier III.  Please note that a similar bloc of the same design was issued in 1989 (violet colour) at the occasion of Prince Rainier IIIs 40th government anniversary (Scott # 1681).  
  • 01.08.2001. Prince Albert I – XXX Anniversary of Grand Prize of OCeanography. Grand Prize Award Medal and a square-rigged sailing vessel.
  • 2004. This stamp were designed by Bazzoli, using the image engraved by Slania in 1996 for Europa issue (Famous women) showing to Princess Grace.
The 1.11 € value is a Bazzoli/Slania design, but NOT ENGRAVED by Slania.  The stamp is printed in offset and is 40*30 mm horizontal as shown below.  The stamp commemorates the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Irish Library which was opened in November 1984 by Rainier III in honor of Princess Grace’s Irish origins. 
  • 09.05.1999.  50th anniversary of government of Prince Rainier III.  The sheet shows 6 different designs of Monegasque stamps from the period of the Prince’s reign. 

Following sheets show to Princess Grace in different ages of her life, conmemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Princess´Birth, with the particularity that was included the real name of Princess, Grace Patricia Kelly.

The souvenir sheet is composed by four stamps, three of them showing to Princess in different ages and other showing the real mongram. This sheet has been issued in different forms, one sheet, denteled, with portraits in blue, other sheet undenteled with portraits in green and other sheet issued by Postal Museum as black print with a facsimil of engravers´signatures.

Engravers of this stamps has been Pierre Albuisson for the 0.75 € stamp, Slania for the 1.75 €, Martin Mörck for 3.50 € and Catelin for the monogram label. The unvalued Royal Monogram was created by Slania for Princess Grace prior to 1982, and was first used for the Princess Grace Memorial sheet, issued in black April 1983.

  • Monaco 2004.  Princess Grace Birth Anniversary Sheet. The Slania-stamp (second from left) is Scott # 2349. 

There are differences with inscription “Monaco” and name of engraver in the final issued stamp and the proof but portrait seems the same image. This means that could be used for printing the portrait separately.

After death of Rainier III in 2005, a stamp showing his portrait was issued in Monaco as definitive stamp using during 1989-1991 engraved by Slania, using the same design but engraved by other very good engraver, Martin Mörck, as rest of triptic.

In 2005, also after death of Rainier III, was issued this souvenir sheet with a black border (mourning stamps), showing a portrait of Rainier III using as model the engraving that Slania made some years before, in this case miniaturized and engraved by Larriviere.