• 13.10.1986.  Ancient stone bridges.  Engraved after drawings by Ingalvur af Reyni (born 1920). From left to right: Glyvrars Bridge (Eysturoy), Leypanagjogv (Vagar) and Skaelingur (Streymoy).
  • 1987.  Ancient Faeroese farm houses.  Engraved after drawings by I.P. Gregoriussen. From left to right: Farm «Depil» on Isle of Borthoy, Depil staple, Frammi vith Gjonna» staple and blacksmith and farm on Isle of Streymoy.
  • 06.04.1987.  Europa Stamps.  Modern architecture (The Nordic House) on the Faeroe Islands.
  • 07.09.1987.  The island Hestur  (Horses’ Island).
06.06.1988.  Famous Faeroese writers.   From left to right: ørgen-Frantz Jacobsen (1900-1938),  Christian Matras (1900-1991),  William Heinesen (1900-1991),  and Hedin Bru (1901-1987).
  • 17.10.1988.  The Magnus Cathedral in Kirkjubøur. From left to right: Exterior of ruins, details of a window, capstone with relief and interior of the cathedral. Magnus Cathedral is a ruined cathedral in the village of Kirkjubøur on the island of Streymoy in the Faroe Islands. It was built by Bishop Erlendur about the year 1300, but the building was never completed. The cathedral is in an unfinished state to this day. The building has never had a roof. Magnus Cathedral is the largest and most beautiful medieval building in the Faroe Islands.

06.02.1989.  Bicentenary of Torshavn Church. From left to right: The church’s altarpiece, The wooden church in Torshavn and The churchbell originating from the ship «Norwegian Lion».

  • 10.04.1989.  Faeroese festival dresses used at weddings.  Man’s dress from Sjostuka.  Woman’s dress from Stakkur.
  • 02.10.1989.  Coast mountains and Bird Cliffs on the west side of Suderoy (Southern Island). From left to right: Tvoran, Skuvanes, Beinisvord and Asmundarstakkur.
  • 12.09.1995.  Faeroese Life in Older Times. From left to right: shearing sheeps, milkmaids and fishermen in the harbour.
  • 20.05.1997. VI Centenary of the Kalmar Union. This is the historical unification of Denmark, Norway, Faeroes and Greenland territories and Sweden. Stamp at the right shows the Coat of Arms of Eric de Pomerania in 1937, from woodcut in a pew of Kirkjubour. At the right a die plate print in sepia color.
  • 12.02.2001. Pew Gables of Kirkjubøur. From left to right: Apostle Andreas, Apostle Bartholomeus and two at the right not identified.

On 1st April 2001 the Post Office of the Faeroe Islands celebrated its 25th anniversary with the issuance of the below souvenir sheet:

  • 01.04.2001.  Postal History of Faeroe Islands. 25th anniversary of the Post Office of the Faeroe Islands.  
    From left to right: Post boat in 1870, Post Office in Torshvn in 1906 and a Postman.
  • 22.09.2003. Slania Stamp No. 100 issued by Postverk Föroya.

It is a sheetlet with one stamp depicting the painting «Dancing in the Inn’s Smoking Room», made by the Danish painter Emil Krause (1871-1945).   The face value, 25 kr., is intended for economy-letters until 1000 gr on the Faeroe Islands, and economy-letters until 500 gr to Europe.