1994 Aeropex ’94

In conjunction with AEROPEX ’94, the National Aero / Astro Exhibition in Adelaide, South Australia, 18 to 20 November 1994, Australia issued the above set and souvenir sheet depicting National Aviation Pioneers.
  • 45c-stamp (top left): Lawrence Hargrave and Box Kites.
  • 45c-stamp (top right):  Ross and Keith Smith with Vickers Vimy (the first England-Australia flight).
  • 1.35-stamp (bottom left):  Ivor McIntyre, Stanley Goble and Fairey HID seaplane (first aerial circumnavigation of Australia).
  • 1.80-stamp (bottom right): Freda Thompson with De Havilland Moth Major “Christopher Robin” (first Australian woman to fly solo from England to Australia. 

29.08.1994. Aviation Feats. Scott # 1381-1384 / SG 1475-1478.

Joint Issue Australia-Sweden

In 2001 Australia and Sweden issued a joint set, but with differences, the Australian set was engraved by Slania and the Swedish set was engraved by Lars Sjööblom.

16.08.2001. Daniel Solander. At the left, top: Daniel Solander, Botanist and Barringtonia Calyptrata, at the right Ship Endeavour and flower Cochlospermum Gillivraei.