Joint issue Belgium-Sweden

This two stamps were engraved by Slania after drawings by Joanna Rubin Dranger, also designer of swedish first day cover and cancellation.

The stamps are a joint issue with Sweden and were engraved by Czeslaw Slania and printed by combination print after originals by Joanna Rubin Dranger, who also designed the Swedish FDC and the cancellation.  The photos above are taken from the Belgian Official First Day Covers. 

30.09.1999. Nobel Prizes.

  • Auguste Marie François Beernaert (1829-1912) received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1909. He was a Lawyer, but he became a politician early on and was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance 1884-1894. He was also a member of the International Court of Justice in the Hague.
  • Henri La Fontaine (1854-1943) received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1913. He had also been a lawyer before he became a politician, and he was professor of international law in Brussels for a time. From 1907 until his death he was President of the International Peace Bureau. During 1920-1921 La Fontaine was the Belgian representative in the League of Nations.  

Also exist undenteled:

Ministerial Sheets. These black prints are for approval by authorities.