Czeslaw Slania has engraved several banknotes for Brazil, many of them in both old and new currency:

1984.  Front side of the banknote in “old” currency, 10,000 Cruzeiros.  Pick # 203.

1986.  Pick # 209.  Front side of a 10 Cruzados banknote.  The person portrayed is Rui Barbosa. 

Jurist and statesman 1849-73. One of the founders of the Republic.  His writings were among the chief factors contributing to the overthrow of the Empire.

1992.  Reverse side of a 1000 Cruzeiros banknote showing portraits of Brazilian children of different races.  Slania has only made the reverse side. At the front side of the same banknote, NOT by Slania, showing the portrait of Candido Rondon (1866-1956), a Brazilian adventurer and explorer, and a friend of the Indians.

1985.  Pick # 205.  Front side of a banknote in “old” currency of 100,000 Cruzeiros. 

1986.  Pick # 211.  Front side of the same same banknote in “new” currency, 100 Cruzados.  The person portrayed is President J. Kubitschek [Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira] (1902-1976).  President of Brazil 1956-1961. Backside shows a view of Brasilia.

1992.  Pick # 235a.  Front side of a banknote of 100,000 Cruzeiros, showing a national bird of Brazil. Back side, not by Slania, showing an aerial view of the Cataract of Iguaco (Amazonas River). Note the different banknote, overprinted “100 cruzeiros reais”.

Please note, that Mr. Slania Slania has signed the above banknotes only with his first name, Czeslaw.

  • 1984.  Pick # 204.  The reverse side of a banknote in “ancient” currency, 50,000 Cruzeiros.  The Cruz Institute, Rio de Janeiro. 

  • 1986.  Pick # 210.  Banknote of the “new” currency, 50 Cruzados.  
    The person portrayed is Oswaldo Cruz (1872-1917), founder of the Cruz Institute in Rio de Janeiro.

  • 1986.  Idem, the reverse side of the “new” currency, 50 Cruzados. 

  • 1990.  Pick # 222.  Banknote of 500 Cruzados Novos.  The person portrayed is Heitor [Hector] Villa-Lobos (1887-1959).  Brazilian composer and musician.  In June 1930 Villa-Lobos returned to live in Brazil having spent the previous seven years based in Paris.  There he had mixed freely with the leading artists, writers and musicians, gaining a certain notoriety as composer of colourful, exotic and harmonically advanced music which bore the distinct savour of his homeland.  Please note that Slania has NOT engraved the front side; it is therefore shown here as a thumbnail.

  • Reverse side of the same banknote.  Slania has only engraved the reverse side.

  • 1993.  Pick # 241.  Banknote of 5000 Cruzeiros Reais, showing an unknown cowboy (“Gaucho”).
  • 1993.  Reverse side of the same note, showing cattle from the “Pampas” of Argentina. 
  • 1993.  Idem, in upright position.  

1993. Pick # 236. Banknote of 500,000 Cruzeiros. Slania engraved the scene on the back, showing the building, man with children, numbers, and wording. Standing man is “Mario de Andrade” (1893-1945) [whose portrait appears also on the front]. Composer and doctorate in music; founded in February 1922 the weekly “Semena de Arte Moderna”, a decisive interpretation of modernism in the life and culture of Brazil. Images by courtesy of Mr. J.M. Maldonado (Spain).

1994. Pick # 242. Banknote of 50,000 Cruzeiros Reais.
Front side: Native dancer & “BAIANA”; Reverse side: woman preparing food.
Please note that Slania has ONLY engraved the front side.

1994. Pick # 243. Banknote of 1 Real.
Front side: Laureated Liberty; Reverse side: Hummingbird feeding nestlings.
Please note that Slania has ONLY engraved the reverse side, birds.