Czeslaw Slania engraved 236 stamps for Denmark. Additionally, there were two different designs of Queen Margrethe II’s portrait, which resulted in 32 stamps of the same design but in different colors and face values (1st design) and 10 stamps (2nd design).

He started working for the Danish Postal Authorities in 1962 and continued until 1989. On the first 11 pages of this section, you will see examples of all the regular issues, including the Souvenir Sheets for the International Stamp Exhibitions in Copenhagen during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

  • 10.05.1962.  Centenary of the abolition of Mill Monopolies.  

  • 24.05.1962.  Aid to under-developed countries  (semi postal). 

  • 14.06.1962.  50th anniversary of the launching of the motor ship “Selandia”. 

  • 22.11.1962.  Preservation of nature.  The White Cliffs of Møn (a small island south east of Zeeland). 

  • 21.03.1963.  FAO.  Freedom from Hunger.  

  • 14.05.1963.  Opening of the Bird Line between Denmark-Germany.  

  • 27.05.1963.  Centenary of the First International Postal Conference in Paris.  

  • 24.06.1963.  Danish Disabled Foundation Fund.  (semi postal).

  • 21.11.1963.  50th anniversary of the Atomic Theories of the Danish physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate Niels Bohr.  Similar stamps of the same design and the same colours were issued by Greenland in 1963. More information about Niels Bohr. 

  • 28.05.1964.  Border Union Fund Denmark-Germany (semi postal). 

  • 19.06.1964.  150th anniversary of the Danish Elementary Schools.  

  • 24.08.1964.  For the benefit of Danish Red Cross (semi postals).  The three ladies on the stamps are from left:  Princess Anne Marie (now ex-queen Anne Marie of Greece),  Princess Benedicte, and Crown Princess Margrethe (the present Queen Margrethe II). Semi-postals for the benefit of Danish Red Cross. 

  • 07.09.1964.  The International Maritime Research Council’s Conference in Copenhagen.  

  • 10.10.1964.  25th anniversary of Stamp Day in Denmark.  

  • 12.11.1964.  Preservation of nature.  Karup River (Jutland).  

  • 08.03.1965.  Centenary of the first mercantile college in Denmark (Aarhus, Jutland).  

After Slania started engraving stamps for the Danish Post Office, he often visited the printing house in Copenhagen. Here he became friends with the Director of the printing works, Mr. Ricardo Sundgaard, and a postal clerk, Mr. A. Rasmussen.

These two persons received a very special honour from Slania in 1965, when he engraved the stampfor the centenary of the first mercantile college in Denmark.

Slania would later say: I thought I would be forced to redo the whole engraving, but the Danish Postal Authorities also had a sense of humor, so a new engraving never came into question.

Source: Heindorff´s webpage and biography by Zygmunt K. Jagodziński.

  • 17.05.1965.  Centenary of the International Telecommunications Union.  

  • 06.06.1965.  100th birth anniversary of the Danish composer Carl Nielsen (1865-1931).  Among his most famous works is the opera “Aladdin”. More information about Carl Nielsen. 
  • 21.10.1965.  Child Welfare.  (semi postal).  
  • 10.11.1965.  Preservation of nature.  The windmill at the small island Bogø, south of Zeeland.  
  • 20.01.1966.  For the benefit of Danish Red Cross.  Semi Postals.  The stamps feature the International Red Cross’ official symbols and the organization’s name in different languages.    
  • 24.02.1966.  Centenary of the Danish Heath Society.  
  • 29.03.1966.  150th birth anniversary of the Danish educationist and scientist Christen Kold (1816 – 1870).
  • 12.05.1966.  Preservation.  The Danish Pawn Institution, Copenhagen.  
  • 16.06.1966.  Preservation of nature.  Bregentved Estate (Zealand).  
  • 31.08.1966.  Birth centenary of the Danish artist Georg Jensen (silver smith).
  • 24.11.1966.  Preservation of nature.  Barrow in Jutland (dated ca. 2.500 A.D.).

06.04.1967 – 11.05.1967.  800th anniversary of Copenhagen.  Stylized buildings.

  • 09.01.1967.  Centenary of the Danish Academy of Music.  
  • 10.06.1967.  Wedding of Crown Princess Margrethe and Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat (France).  A similar stamp of the same design and colour was issued by Greenland 1967.  This stamp is very well designed for the Royal Wedding, in red and white, which are the colours of the Danish national flag “Dannebrog”.  
  • 21.09.1967.  150th birth anniversary of Hans Christian Sonne (Danish socialist and founder of the Danish Co-operative Movement). 
  • 12.10.1967.  Salvation Army.  Semi Postal.


  • 24.04.1968. Centenary of Esbjerg Harbour (Important sea port in Jutland).
  • 13.06.1968. 700th anniversary of Koldinghus Castle (Historical castle in Jutland).
  • 12.09.1968. Greenlandic Child Welfare.  Semi postal.  The stamp shows two Greenlandic children on the spiral stairway of the Round Tower in Copenhagen.  A similar stamp of the same design and colour was issued by Greenland 1967.
  • 1968.  Symbols from Danish industries. From left to right: Shipbuilding, Chemical, Electric Power and Engineering.


  • 29.01.1969.  Bicentenary of the Royal Danish Agrarian Household Association. 

  • 28.02.1969.  50th anniversary of the Nordic Associations, and Centenary of the first Nordic Postal Convention.  The motif on the two stamps are stylized viking ships, symbolizing the common denominator of the origins of the Nordic peoples.  Stamps of a similiar design were issued in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.  Slania has engraved the Danish and Icelandic stamps.  

  • 11.03.1969.  70th birthday of King Frederik IX.  (11th March). 


  • 28.04.1969.  10th anniversary of the European Post and Telecommunications Conference.  
  • 22.05.1969.  50th anniversary of the “Association for Co-operation between Danes Abroad”.
  • 12.06.1969.  750th anniversary of the Danish National Flag “Dannebrog”. On June 15th it is Valdemarsdag in Denmark, dedicated to the national flag “Dannebrog”, falling from heaven in 1219 at the Battle of Lyndanisse (in Estonia) against the crusaders.
  • 28.08.1969.  Birth centenary of the Danish socialist author Martin Andersen Nexø (1869-1954). More information about Martin Andersen Nexø. 
  • 25.09.1969.  300th anniversary of the publication of the Danish scientist Niels Stensen’s theories “On Solid Bodies”.  Niels Stensen (1638-1686) is the only Dane who was ever canonized by the Pope, under the name of Nicolaus Steno.  More information about Niels Stensen. 
  • 10.11.1969.  Abstract art, by the Danish painter Richard Mortensen.  
  • 20.11.1969.  Birth centenary of the Danish scientist, the physicist Valdemar Poulsen.  
  • 11.12.1969.  Danish Red Cross.  Semi Postals.  The two stamps are very similar, except for the surface value.  The two stamps feature Crown Princess Margrethe’s and the Prince Consort Henrik’s baby-son, Crown Prince Frederik.  
  • 15.01.1970.  50th anniversary of Danish Giro Service. 


  • 19.02.1970.  Safety in Traffic.  
  • 13.03.1970.  25th anniversary of the National organization “Save The Children”.  Semi Postal.  
  • 04.05.1970.  25th anniversary of the liberation of Denmark from German Occupation.  
  • 28.05.1970.  300th anniversary of the National Park of Denmark (“Dyrehaven”) north of Copenhagen.  


  • 15.06.1970.  300th anniversary of the establishment of “His Royal Majesty’s Naval Museum”.  The stamp features a galleon head of the naval vessel “The Elephant”, launched in 1741.  

  • 15.06.1970.  50th anniversary of the re-unification of the Danish regions of Northern Germany with Denmark (which were lost to Germany during the German War 1864). 

  • 13.08.1970.  150th anniversary of the finding of electro-magnetism by the Danish physicist H.C. Ørsted (1777-1851).  
  • 22.10.1970.  25th anniversary of United Nations.  The text says “Peace and Progress 1945-1970”.  
  • 19.11.1970.  Birth bicentenary of the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844). 



  • 25.02.1971.  100th anniversary of Danish Women’s Society.  The stamp features the Danish suffragette, Mathilde Fibiger (1830-1872).  

  • 26.03.1971.  Country Collect.  “Refugee ’71”.  The stamps are not semi postals, but all proceeds from the sale were used for supporting refugees from the Third World.  
  • 29.04.1971.  Children’s Welfare.  Semi postal.  

  • 27.05.1971. 250th anniversary for Hans Egede’s Landing in Greenland.  Hans Egede (1685-1758) was a missionary.  The engraving is made from a painting by Johan Hörner (1740).  A similar stamp was issued by Greenland 1971.  More information about Hans Egede. 

1971.  Sports set, promoting swimming, athletics, football and sailing.


  • 11.11.1971.  Centenary for George Brandes’  (1842-1927) first lectures on socialism.  
  • 27.01.1972.  Centenary for sugar production in Denmark.  More information about Georg Brandes. 
  • 11.03.1972.  Centenary for the Danish Meteorological Institute.
  • 11.03.1972.  King Frederik IX (1899-1972) in memoriam.  The king passed away on 14th January 1972.  


1972.  Danish infrastructure.  

  • 26.06.1972.  125th anniversary of the Danish State Railways. 
  • 26.06.1972.  Rebild Bakker.  An area of Jutland, where Danish-Americans meet every year on 4th July to celebrate the American constitution.  
  • 17.08.1972.  Marsh Marigold, commemorating the centenary of the Society and Home for Disabled.
  • 14.09.1972.  Inauguration of the World Health Organization’s new office buildings in Copenhagen.  



  • 04.05.1972.  The priest and poet N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872)  in memoriam.  Grundtvig was a Danish nationalist and critic of society.  More information about Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig. 
  • 14.09.1972.  250th anniversary of the Danish Stage, and the introduction of the Comedies of Ludvig Holberg (684-1754), a contemporary with Moliere in France. 
  • 22.02.1973.  Birth centenary of the writer Johannes V. Jensen (1873-1950).  The author received the Nobel Prize in Literature 1944. More information about Johannes V. Jensen. 
  • 22.03.1973.  100th anniversary of Danish Legislation for Workers’ Protection.  
  • 22.03.1973.  Bicentenary of the establishment of the Danish Veterinary College. The stamp shows a portrait of the college’s founder, professor P.C. Abildgaard (1740-1801).

1972.  Traditional Danish architecture in different regions of Denmark.

  • 26.04.1973.  100th anniversary of Jutland Horticultural Society.  

  • 18.10.1973.  For the benefit of the victims of the volcanic eruption on the island Heimaey (Iceland). A similar stamp was issued 1973 by Greenland.  

  • 18.10.1973.  400th anniversary of publishing the work “De Stella Nova” by Tycho Brahe (Danish astronomer and scientist).  The stamp shows a sextant, the constellation Cassiopeia, and the star Stella Nova.  Please note that this stamp does not bear Slania’s signature in the lower right corner.  Slania himself does not know why this has happened.   

28.11.1973.  Frescoes in Danish churches.  

  • The Devil and Scandal Mongers, Fanefjord Church, on the island of Moen, around 1480.
  • Queen Esther and King Xerxes, Tirsted Church, Jutland, around 1400.
  • The Escape to Egypt and the Harvest Miracle, Jetsmark Church, Jutland, 1474.
  • Crowned with Thorns, and carrying the Cross, Biersted Church, Jutland, around 1400.
  • Creation of Eve, Fanefjord Church, Jutland, around 1480.