• 24.01.1974.  Donating blood. 
  • 22.08.1974.  Denmark as world champion in orientation sprint. 
      • Cross country runner.
      • Compass.
  • 19.09.1974.  100th anniversary of the Botanical Gardens, Copenhagen.  
  • 09.10.1974.  350th anniversary of the Danish Postal Service.  

      • Mail carriers in 1624 and 1780, riding and blowing the post horn.
      • British War Ships shooting at hot air balloon crossing the Great Belt between Zeeland and Funen.
      • 20.03.1975.  50th anniversary of the Danish Stately Radio. 
      • 20.03.1975.  International Women’s Year.  The lady on the stamp is the Danish Queen Margrethe II. 

      • 23.10.1975.  Centenary of the Organization for Protection of Animals in Denmark.  This stamp that does not have neither the designer’s nor the engraver’s name on it.  Slania himself does not know why this has happened.

27.02.1975.  Souvenir sheets issued for the occasion of the stamp exhibition HAFNIA ’76.
The sheets marked also Denmark’s 125th Postal Anniversary, and the four stamps in each sheet show different variants of the Danish stamps during the period 1851-1900. 

22.05.1975.  Danish Porcelain.  

  • Decorated plate “Flora Danica”.

  • Decorated tureen “Flora Danica”.

  • Decorated vase and tea caddy “Danish Blue”. 

 28.08.1975.  Death centenary of H.C. Andersen (Danish Fairy-Tale writer).  

  • V. Pedersen’s drawing for “Numskull Jack”.

  • G.E. Hansen’s photograph, taken 1874, of H.C. Andersen.

  • J. Frölich’s drawing for “The Marshking’s Daughter”. 

25.09.1975.  Regional sceneries from the southernmost part of Denmark.  Original drawings by S. Havsteen-Mikkelsen.  

  • Watchman’s Square in Aabenraa.
  • Haderslev Cathedral.
  • “Møgeltønder Kog”, a so-called polder, that can be used as arable land.
  • Estuary of Vidå at Højer Floodgates.

17.06.1976.  Souvenir sheet from the stamp exhibition HAFNIA ’76, Hafniasheet No. III.  The sheet shows a classical Danish painting by Otto Bache “A String of Horses outside an Inn”. At the right a handmade proof coloured in watercolour by Slania. The only one that exist.

At the right a masterpiece, the only one, final stage proof, watercolour painted by Slania. Thank you very much to Javier Vázquez for scan.

Two different types of minisheets, one with postillon sound and printed signature of Slania and other minisheet without them.

25.03.1976.  Regional set showing Copenhagen Views.  

  • Old buildings in the centre of Copenhagen.

  • View from the top of the Round Tower.  The “square” tower to the right is Copenhagen Cathedral, and the tall, slim tower to the left is Copenhagen City Hall.  In the narrow street, running diagonally from bottom left to the middle is located the Central Post Office.

  • Grand Central Station in Copenhagen.

  • Harbour view with the twisted spire of Our Saviour’s Church in Copenhagen. 

18.11.1976.  Danish Glass Industry.  

  • The glowing melted glass is rolled on an iron plate.
  • The ready glass is removed from the pipe.
  • Glass for the foot is affixed to the pipe.
  • Glass blowing in a mould. 

24.03.1977.  Amendment of Traffic Regulation.  The words “Giv Agt” mean “Be Careful”. 

24.03.1977.  25th anniversary of the Danish Organization for the Welfare of Mentally Disabled.  

02.05.1977.  Two Europe-stamps featuring Danish landscapes.  

  • Allinge, Island of Bornholm.
  • Ringsted, Island of Zeeland

30.06.1977.  Regional set showing landscapes from South Jutland.  Drawings by S. Havsteen-Mikkelsen:

  • Kongeaen.
  • Landscape from the peninsula Skallingen.
  • Tørskind.
  • The church in Jelling.

19.01.1978.  World Championship in handball for men.    

11.05.1978.  Europe stamps.  Classical Danish buildings.  

  • Jens Bang´s House, Alborg.
  • Fredericksberg Castle, ground plan and elevation.

15.06.1978.  Regional set showing views of Central Jutland.  Engraved after drawings by S. Havsteen-Mikkelsen.  

  • Kongenshus Memorial Park.

  • Post Office, Old Town, Aarhus.

  • Lignite fields in Søby.

  • Stadil Church Wall.

07.09.1978.  Danish fishing industry. From left to right: Fishing boats, eel traps, ship on slipway and drying on fishing nets. 

  • 10.05.1979.  Centenary for telephone communications in Denmark.  

  • 10.05.1979.  Europa stamps.   Mail carriage, and Morse Key with Sounder.  
  • 14.06.1979.  Artifacts from the Viking Era.  

    • Pendant from the Island of Bornholm

    • Key. 

06.09.1979.  Regional set with views of Northern Jutland.  Engraved after drawings by S. Havsteen-Mikkelsen.  From left to right: Mols mountains, Ørslev Monastery, Trans and Bovbjerg.

1980.  Bicentenary of the Main Post Office in Central Copenhagen.  Mail coach in front of the Central Post Office.  Engraved after a painting by the Danish artist Peter Klæstrup (1820-1882).  

1980.  25th anniversary of the Organization for Aid to Disabled Persons.  Semi Postal.  

1980.  United Nations’ World Conference for Women.  

1980.  Regional set showing views of the northernmost part of Jutland.  Engraved after drawings by S. Havsteen-Mikkelsen.  

  • Lindholm Høje.

  • Skagen Light House.

  • Børglum Monastery.

  • Fishing Boat at Vorupør. 

1980.  Ancient Danish coins.  

  • Denmark’s earliest coin, minted about 800 A.D. at Hedeby (an ancient Danish town of Schleswig, now Germany).
  • Silver coin, featuring King Valdemar the Great (1157-1182), and Bishop Absalon, the latter a German clerical who christianized Denmark in the beginning of the Second Millennium.
  • Gold current ducat, featuring king Christian VII in 1781.

1981.  Children Welfare.  Semi Postal.  

1981.  Europa stamps.  Folklore.  

  • Carnival.
  • Midsummer celebrations.

1981.  Regional set showing views of Zealand and the surrounding islands.  

  • Landscape around Sorø in the central part of Zeeland (100 øre).

  • The childhood home of N.F.S. Grundtvig, a Danish priest and social reformer, in the southern part of Zeeland (150 øre). 

  • The childhood home of Kaj Munk, a Danish priest and resistance man during Second World War, killed by the Nazis in 1944.  His home is situated in Opager, the island of Lolland (160 øre).

  • Grønsund, between the islands of Falster and Møn (200 øre).

  • The island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea, right south of Sweden (230 øre). 

08.10.1981.  History of Aviation Through Times.  

  • Ellehammer at Lindholm 1906 (1,00 kr.).

  • Fokker DVM/26 (1,30 kr.).

  • Bellanca J-300 Special Liberty (1,60 kr.).

  • First Danish Polar Flight DC7C, 1957 (2,30 kr.).

25.02.1982.  World Championship in Figure Skating.  

03.05.1982.  25th anniversary of the Organization for Disabled by Sclerosis.  

03.05.1982.  Europa stamps – Historical Events: Abolition of Villenage and Suffragettes.

10.06.1982.  Centenary of co-operative dairies.  

23.09.1982.  500th anniversary of printing in Denmark.  An early hand-press for letterpress printing, Odense (Island of Funen),  1482.  

23.09.1982.  Birth centenary of Robert Storm-Petersen (Danish cartoonist) (1882-1949).  

  • Selfportrait and three men and number.
  • Peter and Ping the penguin.

27.01.1983.  Danish Red Cross.  Semi Postal.  

27.01.1983. World Communication Year.

24.02.1983.  400th anniversary of “Bakken”  (an amusement park north of Copenhagen).

24.03.1983.  50th anniversary of the first Danish stamp in steel engraving.  The stamp shows the reverse printing plate of the Danish 1-øre stamp (wavy line) from 1933, and the engraver’s burin.

03.11.1983.  Birth bicentenary of N.F.S.  Grundtvig (1783-1872), a Danish priest and social reformer. Photoessay used to engrave the stampof N.F.S. Grundtvig. Note the different facial value.

24.03.1983.  Internordic issues.  On each of the stamps is a map of Denmark to the right, and a cross pointing out the location of the sites shown on the stamps. 

  • Egeskov Castle (Funen).  
  • A Barrow in Jutland.


05.05.1983.  Europa stamps.  Danish architecture.   

  • Sports center in Copenhagen.
  • A modern bridge (Sallingsund Bridge in the northern part of Jutland). 

06.10.1983.  Salvage Service.   

  • Police, 

  • Firearms and Ambulance

  • Naval Rescue.  

26.01.1984.  World Championship in pool.  Unless seen through a mirror, the model for this “portrait of a hand” must have been left handed. Rumours have it that Slania has used his own hand as a model, but it has been impossible to verify this. 

22.03.1984.  Bicentenary for establishment of the public archives for naval maps.  

22.03.1984.  300th anniversary of pilotage service.  

12.04.1984.  Scouting. 

06.06.1984.  40th anniversary of Danish participation in the invasion of Normandy (France), and honouring those who lost their lives during the landing.  

06.09.1984.  The Danish Cardiac Society.  Semi Postal.  

05.10.1984.  300th birth anniversary of Ludvig Holberg, Danish satirical playwright, 1684-1754), contemporary with Molière in France.  

24.01.1985.  300th anniversary of the Huguenot Society in Denmark.  SG 792.


21.05.1985.  Two stamps commemorating the 900th anniversary of St. Canute’s Votive Letter to the Cathedral in Lund (Sweden).  Joint issue with Sweden.  
There are three historical errors on these stamps:  
1) The Falcon Seal held by the person on horseback (both stamps), is William the Conqueror’s seal, and not King Canute’s.   
2) The Cathedral of Lund, shown on the left stamp, did not have two towers at that time, but only one.  
3) The castle on the right stamp “Kärnan” in Helsingborg (Sweden) was built 300 years after King Canute’s death.

(source: Ann Mette Heindorff´s webpage.)

05.09.1985.  400th anniversary of the building of Kronborg Castle (Hamlet’s Castle) in Elsinore (Zeeland).  

28.04.1986.  400th anniversary of Sorø College.  

14.03.1985.  Hafnia sheet No. I for the stamp exhibition HAFNIA ’87.  The stamps show old books containing ancient postal regulations.  The stamps contained in the sheet are all valid for postage, but were not sold individually. 

20.02.1986.  Hafnia sheet No. II for the stamp exhibition HAFNIA ’87.  The stamps show means of postal deliveries through the times.  The stamps contained in the sheet are all valid for postage, but were not sold individually. 

1986.  Hafnia sheet No. III for the stamp exhibition HAFNIA ’87.
The stamps show various postal uniforms. Although Slania’s name is inscribed on the lower right side of this souvenir sheet, none of the stamps on the sheet were designed or engraved by Slania. It was a typographical error by the Danish Post. The stamps contained in the sheet are all valid for postage, but were not sold individually.  

27.08.1987.  Hafnia sheet No. IV for the stamp exhibition HAFNIA ’87.
The stamp shows the Central Post Office in Copenhagen, anno 1912.  This stamp has been sold separately, and is well known postally used. The stamp is a “reprint” of an early Danish issue in 1912, again reprinted 1915, of the same surface value as the original stamps.  The Central Post Office building is engraved by Czeslaw Slania on the present Hafnia-issue.  

04.05.1987.  Europa stamps.  Modern Danish architecture.  

  • The lobby at the central library in Gentofte (a northern suburb in Copenhagen).
  • County Senior College in Taastrup (a western suburb in Copenhagen).

13.10.1988.  Old Danish mills: at the left Lumby Mill, at the right Veistrup Water Mill.

05.05.1994.  Europa Stamps.  Denmark Expedition to North East Greenland 1906-1908.

  • Expedition ship “Denmark” and Alfred Wegener’s Weather Balloon in Danmarkshavn.

  • Johan Peter Koch, cartographer.  More information about Johan Peter Koch.