On July 3rd, 2002, the webmaster of Slania-Heindorff webpage received the below e-mail from Poland: 


Dear Ms. Heindorff,

I was informed about your web pages concerning the art works of Mr. Slania by Mr. Krysiak from Sweden . I wanted to inform you that Mr. Slania has just completed a private work for the Chemical Company DWORY S.A. in Poland showing the butadiene storage tanks for synthetic rubber production. This will be printed in 450 copies exclusively for our business partners as a souvenir for Christmas. Enclosed please find the scanned image of this engraving. You can find more information about the company on www.dwory.pl (now www.synthos.pl)

Yours faithfully,
Jaroslaw Kozlik

I am pleased to show the engraving that Mr. Kozlik has sent me for this site, below left.  Below right is shown a proof of an engraving Czeslaw Slania has done for the Dwory Plant, which was auctioned away earlier in 2002 for charitable purposes. The size is 180 x 149 mm, and displays the fragment of the styrene installation at Dwory S.A.