Czeslaw Slania has made a number of non-postal labels (in perforated stamp format).  Many of these labels – Slania himself prefers to call them «posters» – were produced as personal favours by Slania for the honoured individuals, and given to them for their private use or distribution to their friends.  Therefore, in some cases there is no supply of them available to collectors.  They are printed in various colours for any one image, so it is impossible to make a complete listing of these labels.  
  • At the left, his mother, Jozefa Slania at the occasion of her 66th birthday 1963.
  • Middle: Jozefa Slania at the occasion of her 95th birthday in 1992. 
  • At the right, his sister, Mrs. Leokadia Majewska, at the occasion of her 80th birthday in 1999. 

Czeslaw Slania at the occasion of his 60th birthday in 1981. This label exists also on a privately issued first day cover from FILSANDA´91 (Circolo Filatelico Sandanielese, Italy). 

-Above at the left the postcard printed with occassion of Filsanda´91, XXVI Manifestaziones Filatelica Sandanielese (San Daniele del Friuli), from 23th to 28th August 1991, with a limited issue of 700 copies and in this case signed by Slania.

Thank you very much to Mario Petretti, from Codroipo (UD), Italy, for supply me the image.

-At the left, this portrait has been used on a piece of Polish postal stationery (right), issued at the occasion of his 75th birthday.  The cachet shows a fragment of his engraving of the Battle at Grunwald after a painting by Jan Matejko.

Count Lennart Bernadotte, and countess Sonia are in no way family related with Slania, but they are some of his closest friends, and Slania has done a number of private engraving works for the couple, who live at the Mainau Castle in Southern Germany.

  • Count Lennart Bernadotte (Uncle of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden), at the occasion of his 80th birthday in 1989. Count Bernadotte passed away in December 2004, 95 years old. Lennart and Sonia Bernadotte are the authors of the book «Life and Work of Czeslaw Slania». From his book is taken the background image of this webpage, exactly a transparent sheet showing a magnification of die plate «Fiddler».

  • Countess Sonia Bernadotte, at the occasion of her 45th birthday in 1989.  Lennart and Sonia Bernadotte are the authors of the book «Life and Work of Czeslaw Slania».

  • Ricardo Sundgaard, 26th December 1918 – 12th March 1989. Director of the Danish GPO, and a member of the Danish «Steel Engraving Group». Mr. Sundgaard and Slania struck up a friendship when Slania began working for the Danish Post.
  • Mr. Dahlsten, born in 1946 and of Swedish nationality, is Principal Adviser at the Directorate-General Information Society and Media. Prior to become Principal Adviser, Ulf Dahlsten was Commissioner at PostComm in the UK. Ulf Dahlsten has been instrumental in the Swedish deregulation of the railways, the postal services and taxi services.
    His transformation of the Swedish Post from a monopoly-protected authority into a profitable customer and business oriented company earned him the ‘European Hermes Award’.
  • Per Olof Ästrand. Joint engraving made by Lars Sjööblom and Czeslaw Slania. Slania did nude sculptures, background and letters. Rest was made by Lars Sjööblom. Ästrand is a phisiology, born in 1922 and doctor Honoris Causa in various universities. Info received personally from Lars Sjööblom.
  • «Sista Fastningen» by Maria Hordyj, 1988, modern art. Slania was a great admirer of Hordyj´s works.

The label depicting Slania as «World Champion» first appeared in 2005, shortly after his death. This design was created by Piotr Naszarkowski to fill the empty 24th location in the series of boxer stamps created by Slania in the 1960s.The label being highly symbolic, shows Slania with his 1000th engraving (2001) in his hand, and in the background the emblem of Guinness World Record book granted to Slania for this engraving being the largest engraved stamp ever issued. The «denomination» of 1000 refers to the 1000th engraving. In the context it must be remembered that Slania himself was an avid boxer and as such a great admirer of the world champions. The number «24» top right refers to label No. 24 of the original Slania-set.