These 4 stamps were engraved for France:

  • 27.03.1982.  “Woman Reading”, after a painting by Pablo Picasso. The stamp is a semi postal, issued for the benefit of “Journée du Timbre”.
  • 15.05.1982. Ephèbe d’Agde. It´s a helenistic bronze statue discovered on September 13, 1964, on the bed of the river Herault on the south-eastern coast of France.
  • 18.03.1994.  Swedish-French Cultural Exchange”. Banquet at The Trianon for Gustave III”, after a painting by Niklas Lafrensen the Younger (1784). Joint issue with Sweden.
  • 05.06.1999.  Hôtel de la Monnaie (“The Mint”) in Paris. This stamp shows the neo-classical building Hôtel de la Monnaie (The Mint) in France, on the Quai de Conti on the River Seine.