GREENLAND 1963/2001

Greenland is an autonomous region of Denmark with the Danish king (or queen) as the Head of Government.  King Frederik IX was therefore also king of Greenland from 1947 when he assumed the throne after his late father, King Christian X, and until his death in 1972.  

Until 1969 Greenlandic stamps carried the country’s name only in Danish.  Stamps issued on and after 11th March 1969 all carry the country’s name in two languages, Greenlandic and Danish.  The local name of the country is Kalaallit Nunaat, literally meaning “The Land of Man”.  

Until 1978 this was written in the old fashioned way as “Kalâtdlit Nunât”, but on stamps issued on and after 17th April 1978 the spelling changed to the modern version “Kalaallit Nunaat”.

  • 21.11.1963.  The two first stamps commemorate the 50th anniversary of the nuclear theories of the Danish physicist and Nobel Prize Winner Niels Bohr.  The same design is used for Danish issues 1963. 
  • 26.11.1964.  150th birth anniversary of Danish linguistic scientist Samuel Petrus Kleinschmidt.
  • 22.09.1966.  The Greenlandic fairy tale “The Boy and The Fox”.


  • 17.09.1963.  Definitives. Greenlandic Polar Bear. 


  • 23.11.1967.  The Greenlandic fairy tale “The Great Northern Diver and The Craw”.

  • 10.06.1967.  The wedding of the Danish Crown Princess Margrethe and Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat (France).

  • 12.09.1968.  For Greenlandic Childs. Two Greenland boys in Round Tower, Copenhagen.

  • 18.09.1969.  The Greenlandic fairy tale “The Girl and The Eagle”.


  • 07.11.1969.  Greenlandic musk ox.  Please note, that there exists no official FDC with this stamp.  Letters cancelled on the issuance day, 27th November 1969, count as unofficial first day covers.  There is known about 5,300 such postally used covers on the issuance day, but many of these cancellations are known as forgeries (info source: Heindorff´s webpage).

  • 04.05.1970.  25th anniversary of Denmark’s liberation from German Occupation.

  • 05.03.1970.  Tail part of a whale above the surface of the sea.

  • 06.05.1971.  250th anniversary for the landing of the Danish priest Hans Egede in Greenland. Hans Egede and Gertrud Rask on ship “Habet” – first Greenland settlers.


  • 04.11.1971.  Kayak Mail Delivery.

  • 03.07.1971.  In Aid of the Church.  Hans Egede with the Bible in his hand, and Gertrud Rask speaking to two Greenlanders. 

  • 29.02.1972.  Dog Sled Mail Delivery.

  • 21.09.1972.  Umiak (Women´s Rowboat) Mail Delivery.


  • 15.02.1973.  Walruses.  Please note, that there exists no official FDC with this stamp.  Letters cancelled on the issuance day, 15th February 1973, count as unofficial first day covers. (info source: Heindorff´s webpage).
  • 18.10.1973.  Semi Postal for the benefit of the evacuated people at the volcanic eruption at Heimaey in Iceland.
  • 21.02.1974.  Whaleboat “Karen”, Glacier Eqip Sermia.

  • 16.05.1974.  200th anniversary of the Royal Greenlandic Mercantile Company (Greenland).  The trawler “Carl Egede” and kayaks.

  • 16.05.1974.  200th anniversary of the Royal Greenlandic Mercantile Company (Copenhagen).  Trade Department Headquarters, Copenhagen.



  • 20.02.1975.  Narwhal (common sea mammal around the coasts of Greenland).  Please note that Stanley Gibbons has listed this stamp to be issued in 1969.  

  • 16.10.1975.  25th anniversary of the sleigh patrol “Sirius”  (Para-military unity controlling the Polar areas of Greenland). 

  • 17.04.1975.  Postal deliveries.  The schooner “Sokongen” (“The King of Seas”). 


  • 04.09.1975.  50th anniversary for establishing telecommunications in Greenland.

  • 19.02.1976.  Polar Bear with her cubs.  Were printed a die proof in black around 25.000 copies due to International Stamps Exhibiton Hafnita´76.

  • 08.04.1976.  Greenlandic Sports. Arm Pulling Eskimo sport (1730), sketch by Hans Egede.

  • 11.10.1976.  Postal deliveries. Catalina Seaplane, dropping mail by Parachute.


  • 11.10.1976.  Postal deliveries by “Kununguak” [“The King”] (coast freighter).

  • 24.02.1977.  Postal deliveries (Helicopter Sikorsky S-61N).

  • 06.09.1977.  Inuit Cult Mask.

  • 20.10.1977.  Birth centenary of Jørgen Brønlund  (Greenlandic scientist).


  • 20.01.1978.  Centenary of the Scientific Society in Greenland (Iron Meteorite of Cape York).

  • 05.10.1978.  Tupilak, a magical creature, carved in whalebone.

  • 29.08.1978.  Godthab Foundation.


  • 03.09.1981.  The expeditions of Peary Land (Polar Areas of Greenland).

  • 06.09.1979.  Figurine of soapstone.  

  • 29.02.1980.  Eskimo Family, driftwood sculptures by Johannes Kreutzmann (1862-1940).

  • 27.01.1983.  Atlantic salmons  (national fish of Greenland).


16.10.2001. With occasion of Hafnia 2001, Greenland issue this set showing drafts from 1932 for issue of first postage stamps by Greenland, but never were used. These stamps show at the left, “Aurora Borealis”, in the middel a Seal and at the right a Polar Bear. The designer of original drafts was Mr. Harry Nielsen. The stamps were printed in a souvenir sheet:

With Hafnia´01 souvenir sheet also were sold two souvenir sheets with other stamps issued by Greenland but printed in black, like die proofs. Not all stamps of these two souvenir sheets were made by Slania:

  • Hafnia 01,  blackprint 1,  contains 2 Slania stamps – the 1970-Whale (Scott # 71) and the 1975-Narwhal (Scott # 72). 

  • Hafnia 01,  blackprint 2,  contains 1 Slania stamp – the 1975 Sokongen Schooner (SG 83).