Czeslaw Slania engraved for Lithuania, apart one stamp, also two portraits for banknotes:

1994. Banknote of 1 Litas. Front side shows Julija Zemaite (1845-1921), a Lithuanian writer. Back side shows traditional building in the rural zones. As curiosity note that Slania engraved a traditional pole fouland and not the original in the image to engrave.

1993. Banknote of 2 Litai. Front side shows to Motiejus Valancius (1801-1875). He is one of the most famous Lithuanians of the 19th century. He was bishop of Vilnius 1840-1842, and later in St. Petersburg 1842-1845. Back side shows a view of the Trakai Castle, in a island of the lake Galvé.