The only stamp Czeslaw Slania has engraved for Lithuania is a joint issue between Sweden and the three Baltic Countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  Although Slania has only engraved the stamp in the top row to the right, I have chosen to show the full sheet, featuring the birds of the Baltic.  Similar sheets can be viewed on the pages for Estonia and Latvia respectively.

Please note, that the Lithuanian stamps are different from the other countries’ issues in the sense that they have no denominated value.  It has the prepaid value of B-postage, which was at the time of issue 15 Talonai (provisional currency during the transition period), whereas the other countries’ stamps have a fixed value in their national currencies.  

03.10.1992.  Baltic Sea National Preserved Area. These are the birds:

  • Top row:  Osprey (Pandion Haliaetus), and Black-tailed Godwit (“Limosa Limosa”)

  • Bottom row:  Goosander (“Mergus Merganser”) and Common Shelducks (“Tadorna Tadorna”).