These are the first engraved stamps issued by the Marshall Islands Postal Service.  They were printed by the Swedish Post Office Stamp Printing House in Kista, Sweden, in one color each by intaglio.  Slania made corrections on the printing cylinder (Information by George Sund in Søania Nytt No. 3, November 2002).

Herb Kawainui Kane of Hawaii created the original paintings for these new Marshallese stamps which feature the sailing canoes Walap of Enewetak and Walap of Jaluit. Kane (pronounced KAH-ney) is himself a designer of numerous postage stamps, including stamps for the United States, Marshall Islands, French Polynesia and Federated States of Micronesia.

19.01.2001. Marshallese Sailing Canoes. At the left a Walap of Jaluit and at the right Walap of Enewetak.

Two First Day Covers cancelled on 19th January 2001 in Majuro.