During long time have been doubts and disputes about what of these «stamps» were engraved by Slania, commonly called Postal savings but whose correct name is “kvittenskuponger”. Well, these stamps were attached to a bank passbook when taxation (income) of money into that account.

Some webpages or catalogues claimed, for example, that 2000 kr. «stamp» was not engraved by Slania, here we can see in the photo to Slania engraving exactly this value. Our artist started to engrave in 1956 this stamps, in different format and different facial values and printed in different years/colours.

After my contacts with Posten and investigations I can ensure that stamps below were made by Slania.

I received following info from Posten: «Pa 1940-talet utkom ett par specialserier tecknade av Torsten Schonberg. Den ena i juni 1943, med anledning av Gustaf V:s 85-arsdag, trycktes i kornetsad fotogravyr pá okánt tryckeri. Den andra var barnkupongen i augusti 1945 avsedd fdr insáttning i bankbócker 5ppnade át nyfódda.
Ett behov av nyahógre valórer uppstod pá 1950-talet. Ar 1956 utkom mo­tivet «Lilla Riksvapnet graverat av Czeslaw Slania. Kupongerna tryck­tes upp fór 1 000, 2 000, 5000 och 15000 kronor. 2000 kr márket an­ses vara det första värdetecken, som Slania graverade i Sverige»
. This mean that all kvittenskuponger engraved after 1956 (inclusive) were engraved by same person: Czeslaw Slania. This text only say «1000-2000-5000-15000» sek, newer type called «Lilla Riksvapnet»: Small National Coat of Arms, but include by Slania rest of kvittenskuponger of older types.

Also exist a postal saving stamps with 15.000 sek of facial value.

At the left: Postal saving book with some kvittenskupongers by Slania.

At the right: Slania engraving the 2000 value.


These 3 values, not assigned to Slania, probably were engraved by him because in 1967 he was the engraver of these «stamps». This 3 values, also engraved before 1957, have significant differences in engraving with the same types/values engraved before that year.

These kvittenskuponger, printed before Slania arriving to Sweden, has some differences with kvittenskuponger show in the first row. See below to check differences.