Above an example of use of these fiscal stamps, which original name, in swedish, is «stämpelmärken».

** NOTE: Maybe that some other value exist; it´s said that 180, 250, 290 and 300 exist, but never I have seen it. If you have one and if you want, send me the image, please. **


The Radiolicence stamp engraved by Slania for Sweden depicts the royal crown of Sweden with rays as symbol of radio emission. It was printed in booklets with 10 revenues with a label, translated says «Label Control. It´s not valid as receip for Radiolicende duty paid». This labels were used as receipt of license for radiocars and radio hams (radio users amateurs).

This radiolicens stamps was issued in booklets, first time in 1957 (by Slania). Other in offset exist in previous years, in green colour.

Here are showed two types of Radiolicens. NOTE that exist printed in offset, not with stamp, it was used only for new license subscriptions and for replacement of licenses which had been lost or damaged.