• 07.10.1995.  Hundred years of Swedish Film.  «Soldier Bom», 1948, starring actor Nils Poppe.  The stamp is out of a set of six, of which Slania has engraved the present one.

  • 09.11.1995.  Centenary of Alfred Nobel’s Will.  The stamp top left is a joint issue with Germany. From left to right: Alfred Nobel´s portrait, by E. Österman, his home in Paris, Nobel´s laboratory in Björkborn and at right First Prize in Physics (W. Röntgen, 1901).

  • 19.04.1996.  King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 50th anniversary.
    • Opening of the Tyresta National park 1996.

    • Portrait of the King.

    • With King Albert II of Belgium, 1994.

    • The Royal Family in Crown Princess Victoria’s 18th birthday 1995. 
  • 08.11.1996.  Christmas Stamps. From left to right: a French Prayer Book, «The Announciation» and «Adoration of Magi». 
  • 02.01.1997.  600th anniversary of the Kalmar Union, uniting Denmark, Norway and Sweden in one kingdom under the sovereignty of the Danish Queen Margrethe I (1397).
  • 02.01.1997.  Swedish Churches. Printed in booklets. Scott # 2210-2215:
    • Church of Dalby, Scania (the southern part of Sweden).
    • Church of Vendel, Uppland (mid northern part of Sweden).
    • Churchs of Hagby, Småland (mid part of Sweden).
    • Övertorneå, Norrbotten (far northern part of Sweden).
    • Church of Varnhem, Västergötland (western part of of Sweden, south of Stockholm).
    • Church of Östra Ämtervik Värmland (mid southern part of Sweden).
  • 09.05.1997.  The pheasants to the left are a joint issue with China. The stamps feature pheasants commonly occurring in both countries:
    • Swedish Pheasant.  
    • Chinese Lady Amherst’s Pheasant.
  • 21.08.1997. King Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities.  Gallery of the Muses.  Painting by Pehr Hilleström 1794.
  • 13.11.1997. The Swedish Nobel stamps are a joint issue with Switzerland.  The stamps are printed in a booklet pane as shown, and feature 
    • Alfred Nobel (pink)
    • Dr.  Paul Karrer, the Swiss Nobel Laureate. Dr.  Paul Karrer.
  • 15.01.1998. Jan Lindblad’s Tigers. This set show to Nature Photographer Jan Lindblad (1933-1987) and his tigers Lilian and Rani.  
  • 15.01.1998. The Museum of Modern Arts (Moderna Museet) in Stockholm. At the left: Fungus Sculpture (1959) and at the right Monogram.
  • 14.05.1998.  Shipping.  The Cruiser «Albatros» in Stockholm Harbour.
  • 03.10.1998.  Millennium Stamps.  From a set of ten stamps, Slania only engraved the two stamps shown at the left. They depict to the swedish athletes Arne Borg and Gillis Grafström in a stamp and to Ernst Rolf, a swedish enternatiner in the other stamp.
  • 14.05.1998.  King Carl XVI Gustaf.  25 years on the Swedish Throne.
  • 03.10.1998.  King Sigismund.  Joint issue with Poland, 400th anniversary of the Battle at Stängebro.  Sigismund III Wasa (1566-1632).  King of Sweden 1592-1599 and of Poland 1587-1632., painted by Peter Paul Rubens. 
  • 03.10.1998.  Nobel Laureate in Literature.  Nadine Gordimer (*1923), South Africa. 
  • 10.02.1999.  Dance Hall Music.  From a set of four stamps, Slania only engraved this one with the group «Arvingarna».


  • 14.01.1999.  Rabbits.  Illustrations from a fairy tale book «Little Sister Rabbit», by Ulf Nilsson & Eva Eriksson.  Printed in a horizontal strip as shown.
  • 12.08.1999. Butterflies.  Joint issue with Singapore. From left to right: Peacock Butterfly, Blue Pansy, Great egg-fly and Red Admiral. Scott # 2356 a-d.
  • 03.09.1999.  Nobel Peace Laureates, Belgium.  Joint issue with Belgium.
    • Auguste Marie François Beernaert (1829-1912) who received the Nobel Peace  Prize in 1909.
    • Henri La Fontaine (1854-1943) who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1913.
  • 17.08.2000.  King Carl XVI Gustaf.  The engraving is made after a photograph  by Jonas Ekströmer.

17.03.2000.  Czeslaw Slania’s 1000th stamp engraving. This stamp shows a fragment of a painting  by David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl, (1628-1698), master of the Swedish Baroque Era, painted 1695. «The Great Deeds of Swedish Kings» belongs to Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm (Sweden). A short video about how was made this stamp can be seen in the index of this webpage. At bottom the Drottningholm Palace, where this painting is. This stamp was awarded, in the Guinness Book of World Records, as largest engraved stamp ever made.

Below the stamp we can see different stages of die plate proof.

  • 07.10.2000.  Wyslawa Szymborska, Polish author (*1923).  Nobel Prize Winner in Literature 1996. 
  • 07.10.2000.  Christmas.  Modern toys: Lego Car, Roboter and Gremlin.
  • 06.10.2001.  Aviation History.  «Ultralight Trike 1999». 

22.03.2001. Centenary of Nobel Prizes. Joint issue with USA (only portrait stamp). Scott # 2415a-d.

2001. With occasion of 80th Slania´s anniversary, he engraved a sheet for Sweden Post showing the death of King Gustav II Adolf in the Battle of Lützen on 6th November 1632, painted by Carl Wahlbom.

Said by him: «»I suggested that I made it in connection with my 70th birthday.  But instead was chosen the coronation of King Gustav III.  Later I wanted to engrave this painting as my 1000th engraving, but instead was chosen Ehrenstrahl’s painting from Drottningholm Castle.  Now, for my 80th birthday I decided to engrave it, at least for my own pleasure, as I would be celebrating a double anniversary:  my 80th birthday, and my 50th anniversary as a stamp engraver».

As Sweden Post Office does not issue stamps with war motifs they decided print this engraving as conmemorative sheet and not as stamp. The engraving has the size of 75 x 53 mm. and were printed 10.000 copies of the engraving, in steel recess print of blue-violet colour.

«It has lasted me three months to do this work, but it’s not so difficult, when you do something you really like and want to do». (Cz. Slania).

  • 21.03.2002. At left and middle: Artifacts from Birka, the Viking City (Sweden). This ancient town was based during the 750’s and is today known as Sweden’s first city. To this day there are visible traces of the people who were born and who lived and died here. Today Birka is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, going here is almost like travelling back in time. Stamps depict a runic stone and a mask.
  • 10.05.2002. «Summer in Bohuslän». Stamp shows a traditional summer scene.
  • 05.10.2002. Speedway. From a set of 8 stamps related to motorcycle sport, Slania only has engraved this one.  

05.10.2002.  Joint issue Sweden-Thailand. Real Palaces of Stockholm and Bangkok.

20.03.2003.  Nobel Prize Laureates.  Joint issue with Spain.  Stamps show portraits of Spanish Nobel Prizes, both in Medecine, in pair of stamps show, at the left Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934) awarded in 1906 toghether Italian Dr. Camillo Golgi, and at the right Dr. Severo Ochoa, awarded in 1959 together the American physicist Dr. Arthur Kornberg.
04.10.2003. Acuatic birds. Scott # 2469 a-d. From left to right: Pied avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta), Horned grebe (Podiceps auritus), Arctic loon (Gavia arctica) and Great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus).
  • 21.08.2003. King Carl XVI Gustaf.  The stamp is of the same design as the 2000 issue.  For this reason it is inscribed «Cz. SLANIA sc. 2000» in the lower right corner, but is rightfully issued in 2003.  It is a coil stamp, perforated on the two vertical sides, with security perforation.
  • 2004. Rock and Roll. From a booklet with eight stamps, Slania only engraved part of Elvis Presley stamp. Slania, due to his illness, only engraved the background and seems part of Elvis. Largest past of this stamp was engraved by Piotr Naszarkowski.