• 18.01.1973.  Bicentenary of the Royal Theatre, Stockholm.  Scene from the Opera “Orpheus and Euridice” by Gluck.  Painting by P. Hilleström 1773. As a curiosity in this stamp is noteworthy that almost finished the plate, it seems that in a careless of our artist, his daughter wanted to emulate his father’s skills in stamps engraving, shaping a single line below the first “E” in Sverige.
  • 26.04.1973.  75th anniversary of the Confederation of Trade Unions.  Lumberman in Northern Sweden. 

  • 12.11.1973.  Goose Girl.  Painting by E. Josephsson, ca. 1890. This stamp is composed of two different plates, one for black lines, other for offset colours. See below examples of two die plates.

Artist´s proof made with two die plates together and artist´s proofs of two die plates separated, in colour wine.

02.03.1973.  Dalecarlia.  The three stamps are out of a set of five, of which Slania has engraved the three shown ones.  

  • The start of the Vasa Ski Race in Sälen.  Slania has depicted himself in the lower left corner, please see the enlarged fragment.  The skier immediately right of Slania is the leader of the Swedish Stamp Printing, Lars-Eric Ewert, and the next one again is Sven Andersson, a technician from the Swedish Stamp Printing. 

    In an interview with the Swedish newspaper “Expressen” on 1st March 1981, Slania has admitted that he has never personally done the Vasa Ski Race.  When asked why he put in the faces of himself and his co-workers on the stamp, he answered: 

“I was sitting home on a Christmas Eve and had to finish the stamp after a photograph.  None of the faces on the photo appeared clearly, so I couldn’t engrave them clearly either.  For at least having some clear faces on the stamp I put ours in, and chose my co-workers because I had their photographs at home.  It was the first time my face appeared on a stamp that I have engraved myself. “ 

  • Midsummer Dance.  Painting by B. Nordenberg 1854.

  • The Great Pit, 65 meters in depth, at Falun Mine. 

(source: Ann Mette Heindorff)

  • 22.09.1973.  Towards The Far Horizons.   Swedish scientists.

    • Sven Hedin (1865-1952). Geographer and author, exploring the Tibetan Mountains.

    • Anders Sparrman (1748-1820).  Physician and botanist.

    • Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld (1832-1901).  
      Geologist on his ship “Vega” in the Arctic Ocean.

    • Salomon August Andrée (1854-1897).  Physicist.

    • Carl Peter Thunberg (1743-1828.  Professor of botanic and medicine. 

24.10.1973.  Centenary of the Nordic Museum, Stockholm.

  • Plowing with oxen. 

  • Sowing oats with a line sowing machine in Södermanland.

  • Retting Flax in Järvsö, Hälsingland.

  • Baking Bread in Utbunge, Gotland.

  • Potato Planting in Västmanland.   Shortly before this engraving was to be made, Slania was on a camping trip in Germany together with his mother, Jozefa Slania.  A photograph of her from that trip has modelled the potato-planting woman.    

  • 24.10.1973.  King Gustaf VI Adolf 1882-1973 In Memoriam.  The king passed away on 15th September 1973.  The stamps are two different engravings, so precisely made that the differences are barely visible, not even under a magnifier.  The two engravings were made in only 10 days.  
  • 02.04.1974.  Ystad.  A small provincial town in South Eastern Sweden, on the Baltic Coast. The house of Charles XII.  The stamp is out of a set of two, of which Slania has only engraved this one.
  • 29.04.1974.  Europe Stamps.  Sculpture.  “Les Dames de Mougins”.  A sculpture in Kristinehamn by P. Picasso. 
  • 07.06.1974.  Centenary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).  These stamps are out of a set of three,  of which Slania has engraved these two.
    • The main entrance of the Central Post Office in Stockholm.
    • Interior of the Central Post Office in Stockholm.
  • 28.08.1974.  Centenary of the Publicists’ Club, Stockholm.  “Mr. Simmons”.  Original engraving by A. Fridell (1933).
  • 10.12.1974.  50th anniversary of the Swedish Broadcasting System.  
  • 21.01.1975.  50th anniversary of Swedish Post Giro.  The stamp design shows the special brown envelope used for sending money orders to Post Giro. 

  • 25.03.1975.  Jenny Lind, Swedish opera singer, and the sweetheart of the Danish author and Fairy Tale Writer H.C. Andersen.   After a painting by O.J. Södermark, 1843. 

25.03.1975.  Vendel Period.  Golden Men.  Grave findings from Vendel in Uppland. From a set of five stamps, were made these four by Slania:

  • Odin with Hugin and Munin (Nordic mythological figures), helmet plate of bronze.

  • Iron Sword Hilt and Plate.

  • Shield Buckle.

  • Helmet.

13.06.1975.  European Architectural Heritage Year.  From a set of five stamps, these four were made by Slania:

  • The church-village in Skellefteå (northern part of Sweden, c. 200 km south of the Polar Circle), 17th century.

  • Iron Works and Factory Office in Engelsberg, Västmanland.  18th century.

  • Iron Mine, Falun.

  • Officers’ Mess at Rommehed, Dalecarlia.

  • 11.10.1975.  The Hurdy-Gurdy.
  • 11.10.1975.  Ballet.  “Romeo and Juliet” by S. Prokofiev.
  • 11.10.1975.  Religious Art.  The stamps are out of a set of six, of which Slania has engraved these three:
    • “Mourning Mary”.  Öja Church, ca. 1280 (middle). 

    • “Sleeping Jesse at the foot of Christ’s genealogical tree”. 


  • 19.06.1976.  Marriage of the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav and the German lady, Miss Silvia Sommerlath, who became Queen Silvia of Sweden. 
  • 10.03.1976.  Bobbin Lace Maker.  The Lace-maker G.B. Roth in front of the abbey, ca. 1430.  In the background the Monastery of Vadstena.

  • 03.05.1976.  Europa Stamp.  Swedish Artifacts, featuring a tile stove at Sturehov Castle, ca. 1775, and manufactured  at the faience factory Marieberg. This stamp is not engraved, Slania has made the design in watercolour.

  • 08.09.1976.  Girl’s Head.  Wood sculpture made in 1922 by B. Hjort. 

  • 19.06.1976.  The region of Ångermanland.

    • View from Ringkallen, Nordingrå.

    • Timber-towing tug.

    • Large hay fence in Översel.

    • Granvägsnipan at Angerman River.

    • Seine-net fishing. 

  • 09.10.1976.  Industrial Welfare.  Hands and cog-wheels, the symbol for the interaction between man and machine.  
  • 24.03.1977.  Birth centenary of the Swedish cartoonist Oskar Andersson.  Andersson’s drawing “Politeness”, 1905.

  • 24.03.1977.  Keep-fit Activities.  Biking at Apladalen, Värnamo.

  • 08.09.1977.  Animals.  Gotland Ponies.

  • 11.04.1978.  Brown Bear.  Photographed in 1977 on a bog in Sörvattnet, Härjedalen.
02.05.1977. In Roslagen.  Five stamps featuring the center of Roslagen District and the tunes of well known folk music. From left to right: Sunrise, Seegull catching Fish, Dancers, Fisherman in Boat and Evert Taube.

23.05.1978.  The Travels of Linné.

  • Brösarps Hills, Scania.

  • Avocets on Öland.

  • Red Limestone Cliff on Kinnekulle, Västergötland.

  • Grindstone Production at Kallmora, Dalecarlia.

  • Linnea Borealis (lithography by J.W. Wallander, 1858).

  • Carl von Linné wearing Lapp Dress and Dutch Doctor’s Hat (painting by M. Hoffman, 1737).

  • 23.05.1978.  Centenary of the University of Stockholm. Laurel Wreath and Doctor’s Diploma.

  • 07.10.1978.  Swedish Artists: “Nude Study” 1918-1920, by K. Isaksson (1878-1922) and “Self-Portrait with Floral Wreath” 1906, by I. Arosenius (1878-1909).

  • 07.10.1978.  Coronation Carriage.  Luxury Coach from 1699, which was used at Coronations up to 1860. 
  • 07.10.1978.  Mushrooms:
    • Russula Decolorans
    • Lycoperdon Perlatum
    • Macrolepiota Procera
    • Cantharellus Cibarius
    • Boletus Edulis
    • Ramaria Botrytis


  • 07.05.1979. Scott # 1285-1290. The Göta Canal. For the author of this webpage this is one of my preferred sets by Slania. This set shows different sites of Göta Canal, the huge water way of more than 800 km running through Sweden from Gothenburg in the west to Stockholm in the north east. 
    • Göta Canal Company’s Tourist Steamer “Juno”.
    • Borenshult’s Flight of Locks with five locks.
    • Hajstorp’s Roller Bridge.
    • Lock Guard and Riksberg Locks.
    • Sailing Boat at Godhögen.
    • Canoeist in Forsvik Lock.


  • 1979.  Swedish Rococo.

    • Potpourri Jar of faience, Marieberg.

    • “Unknown Lady”, painting by J.H. Scheffel.

    • Silver Coffee Pot, 1764, by J. Bergengren, Kristianstad.

    • Gypsum Bust, by the architect J.P. Bouchardon. 

  • 06.10.1979.  Marine Research.  The three stamps are out of a set of five, of which Slania has engraved the stamps shown.

    • Acoustic survey of sea-bed.

    • Board’s of Fishery Research Ship “Argos”.

    • Blue-Green Algae blooming in the Baltic’s surface waters. 

29.01.1980.  Renewable Sources of Energy. Energies from left to right: wind, biological, solar, geothermal and sea waves.

  • 26.02.1980.  New Order of Succession to the Throne. King Carl XVI Gustaf with Crown Princess Victoria.
  • 18.11.1980.  “Näcken” [The Nude].  Painting by E. Josephsson (1851-1906).

26.02.1981.  Gyrfalcon.  Rare in Sweden; only around 50 known pairs.  This stamp was reprinted and was re-issued on 16th February 2001. The last day of circulation, 26.09.2007, was issued a conmemorative folder of this stamp with a black print of plate with facial value disabled, a current stamp and same stamp with conmemorative postmark.

  • 04.06.1980.  Hälsingland. (Eastern part of Central Sweden):
    • Tybling Farm (circa 1800).
    • Iggesund Iron Works (ca.1865).
    • Blaxås Ridge (Forsa).
    • Bånga Farm (ca. 1800, Runemo).
    • Sunds Canal and Old Fishing Sheds.
10.10.1981.  Swedish Film History.  The three stamps are out of a set of five, of which Slania has engraved the three shown. From left to right: “Gösta Berling’s Saga”, by M. Stiller, 1923.  Starring Greta Garbo, “Cries and Whispers”, by Ingmar Bergman, 1972.  Starring Harriet Andersson and Karl Sylwan and “Persecution”, by Ingmar Bergman, 1944.  Starring Stig Järrel and Alf Kjellin.
  • 24.11.1981.  Christmas Stamps (Wooden birds).
  • 16.02.1982.  John Bauer. From a set of four, Slania engraved these two:   “Knight is Riding”.  Illustration for the legend “The Ring” by H. Nyblom, 1914 and “What a Miserable Little Paleface, said the Troll Mother”.

16.02.1982.  Impossible Figures by Oscar Reutersvard. Isometric Perspectives, neglecting the Central Perspective.

26.08.1982. Living together. From left to right: “Emigration”, from the film “The Emigrants” by Vilh. Moberg, Boat Refugees, Municipal Franchise Reform, 1976 and Three girls of different races, arm-in-arm. 

  • 01.10.1983.  Music in Sweden. Parts of the proceeds from the sale of the pane was used to promote stamp collecting. Scott # 1473 a-e.
    • W. Stenhammar, composer.
    • L. Gullin (1928-1976, saxophone player.
    • “Aniara”
    • ABBA
    • “The Fiddler”.  Painting by Anders Zorn (1860-1920). Slania received in 1984 the special Robert Stolz-Award from Philatelic Music Circle for this beautiful stamp. For the artist, this is one of his better works.


  • 24.03.1983.  Bicentenary of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce Sweden-USA 1783.  Joint Issue with USA.  Featuring Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790).

  • 28.08.1984.  Centenary of the Fredrika Bremer Association.

  • 29.11.1984.  Christmas Stamps. Set has four stamps, these two by Slania (Waxwing and Great Spotted Woodpecker).

  • 06.06.1984.  Stockholmia ’86.
    • Ericus XIV and his letter to Queen Elizabeth I in 1561.  (Painting by S. van der Meulen).
    • Erik Dahlberg (1625-1703) and his letter to Sten Bielke in 1674.  (Drawing by J.H. Strömer).
    • Feather Letter.
    • Harriet Bosse (1878-1961), and a letter to her in 1905 from August Strindber.
  • 21.05.1985.  St. Canute.  Joint issue with Denmark. 
    There are three historical errors on these stamps (source: Ann Mette Heindorff´s webpage):  
    1) The person on horseback (both stamps) holding a falcon, is William the Conqueror’s seal, and not King Canute’s.   
    2) The Cathedral of Lund, shown on the left stamp, did not have two towers at that time, but only one.  
    3) The castle on the right stamp “Kärnan” in Helsingborg (Sweden) was only built 300 years after King Canute’s death!
  • 21.05.1985.  Stockholmia ’86.  From a set of four stamps with paintings about Stockholm, these two were engraved by Slania: at left “Slussen”, by S. Hjertén, and in the middle Riddarholm Canal in Stockholm, by H. Linnqvist.
  • 12.10.1985.  International Youth Year. Development – drawing by Madeleine Andersson.