11.04.1986.  Prime Minister Olof Palme in Memoriam.  Mr. Palme was tragically assassinated on 28th February 1986.  Part of the proceeds from the sale of these stamps was forwarded to the «Olof Palme Memorial Fund for International Understanding and Common Security».  Czeslaw Slania engraved this stamp in only 5 days.

Mr. Jerzy Krysiak (Sweden).

23.04.1986.  40th Anniversary of King Carl XVI Gustaf.

  • In the Swedish mountains of Jämtland.

  • King’s monogram.

  • Handing over the Nobel Literature Prize 1980 to Cz. Milosc. 

  • The Royal Family at Solliden (Öland). 

It´s wellknown the jokes by Slania, engraving microscopic names in the stamps. In case of right stamp appear the names of «Carl Philip» and «Madelein» in the clothes of childs. Slania told that he engraved the names because they were embroidered in clothes, in the photo after engraving was made , but many think that was really a joke…

See here the magnification:

29.08.1986.  Stockholmia ’86.  Celebrating the Postal Service’s 350th anniversary. From left to right:   Mail farmhand (s.XVII), Interior of a Post Office (s.XVIII), Mail carriage (S.XIX) and Modern Post Terminal (s.XX).

10.08.1987.  Art at Gripsholm Castle.  The stamps are out of a set of four, of which Slania has engraved the two stamps shown.

  • Gustav Vasa, by an unknown artist.

  • Madame H. Ch. Nordenflycht.  Replica after J.H. Scheffel, ca. 1750.


10.10.1987.  Bicentenary of Circus Art in Sweden.

    • Two clowns.

    • Balancing on a rope.

    • Ballerina on horseback.

  • 29.03.1988.  New Sweden 1638-1988.  The two stamps are out of a set of six, of which Slania has engraved the two stamps shown.

    • Bishop Hill, Illinois, founded 1846 by the «prophet» E. Jansson and a self portrait of the painter O. Krans.
    • Alan Bean with a Hasselblad camera on the moon, 19th November 1969 (Apollo XII).

25.08.1988.  Swedish Artists in Paris.  Please note that the booklet pane has no upper and lower selvedges. It is exactly as shown here. Scott # 1694-1699.

  • Nils Dardel (1884-1943).  «Self Portrait» (1923), and «Visit with an Eccentric Lady» (1921).

  • Vera Nilsson (1888-1979).  «Autumn at The Old Men’s House» (ca. 1930), and «Soap Bubbles» (1927).

  • Isaac Hirsche Grünewald (1889-1946).  «Self Portrait (1912), and «The Singing Tree» (1915). 

08.10.1988.  Birth Centenary of Dan Andersson (poet) (1888-1920).

  • Portrait Photo 1916.

  • His birth area in the Grangärde Finnmark in the southernmost part of Dalecarlia.

17.05.1989.  Europa Stamps. Children’s games and toys.   

  • Children playing with a home-made boat (right and left).

  • Kick-sledge (middle).

  • 26.01.1990.  National Parks.  The two stamps are out of a set of five, of which Slania has engraved the two stamps shown.

    • Ängsö, founded in 1910.

    • Pieljekaise, founded in 1910. 

28.03.1990.  Viking Life, Scott # 1801-1808:

  • To Miklagård.  [Miklagård is the old Nordic name for Constantinople].  Carved Viking Head and moulded Dragon’s Head.

  • Out to Sea.

  • The Town.  

  • Religious symbols of the Vikings.

  • Stolen Treasures.

  • At the helm.

  • Landing.

  • Vikings’ weapons. 

08.08.1990. Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795) & Evert Taube (1890-1976) in memoriam. Scott # 1831-1836.

08.08.1990.  Pulp and Paper.

  • Paper making in the 17th century.

  • A modern paper machine.  

30.01.1991.  Swedish Maps.  These three stamps are part of a set of six different ancient maps, Slania has engraved the three stamps shown here. From left to right: Naval Map, 1539, by Olaus Magnus, Map of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, 1626, by A.Bureus and Star Globe, 1759, by   A. Åkerman.

15.05.1991. Centenary of the Swedish amusement parks.  The stamps feature an open air theatre, and an open air dancing in the white summer nights.

05.10.1991.  In the Honour of Czeslaw Slania’s 70th birthday.  Top at the left Portrait of King Gustav III (1746-1792) with a label of Slania´s tools. Note that this label was approved by Posten and Royal Family for Slania´s birthday. In the middle, the Crown head of the King. At bottom, details of painting by C.G. Pilo «Coronation of King Gustav III». Scott # 1904-1906.

Also in honour of Slania, his colleague and friend Piotr Naszarkowski made a design-joke, showing this stamp but with selfportrait made by Slania, showing to Slania as «King of Engravers». (source P. Naszarkowski).

In the label engraved by Slania depicting his tools, could has a mistake or a joke by the engraver, with magnification we can see that word «Sverige» is not well engraved, obviously if «plate» is engraved, to print never can be read «Sverige».

Also was issued a conmemorative folder, in big format (A3) including two conmemorative proofs showed below: a black print, other proof in colour and the issued sheet. They were mounted over big sheets and mounted in transparent mounts over a reproduction of original painting by C.G. Pilo in high quality paper. 5000 copies were printed of this conmemorative sheet.
  • 20.11.1991.  Nobel Laureate of Peace, Albert Schweitzer (1953).
  • 30.01.1992.  Centenary of the Outdoor Life Association.  Mulle, The Forest Elf, with Children.
  • 03.10.1992.  Birds of the Baltic.  Joint issue with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

26.03.1992.  Famous Swedish Stamps. At left and right, Sweden nº1, 1855. In the middle the famous 3 skilling yellow, 1857.

  • 27.08.1992.  Bicentenary of the Swedish National Museum. The stamps are part of a booklet pane of six, of which Czeslaw Slania has engraved the above three ones:
    • Carl Frederik Hill (1877):  «View from the Seine River».
    • Carl Larsson (1896):  «Sergel in his Studio».
    • Francois Boucher (1740):  «The Triumph of Venus». 
  • 27.11.1992.  Christmas Stamps.  Russian Icons. At left, The Holy Mother from Don, Byzantine Art, 14th century.  Tretyakow Gallery, Moscow. In the middle, The Archangel Gabriel, Byzantine Art, 12th century.  Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
  • 27.11.1992.  Nobel Laureate of Literature.  Derek Walcott (*1930). Die plate was made in only one week, after announcing of laureate.

21.05.1993.  Butterflies. From left to right: Swallow Tail, Camberwell Beauty, Sulphurcoloured Clouded Yellow and Scarce Fritillary.

  • 25.03.1993.  400th anniversary of the Convocation at Uppsala.  (Establishment of the Lutheran Church in Sweden).

    • Uppsala Cathedral 1702.

    • God Creating the Trees and the Plants, Uppsala Cathedral. 

  • 11.05.1994.  Swedish Technology on the Moon. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin on the moon, carrying a Hasselblad Camera.

Of this stamp of 1994 was issued a card with a black print and a sheet with original design, a litography by Paul and Chris Calle (American stamps designers). In both cases with a special cancellation of World Football Championship (Soccer).

02.10.1993.  The Royal Family. Scott 2034-2037, souvenir sheet showing: 

  • King Carl XVI Gustav at his 20th anniversary on the throne.

  • National Holiday.

  • Queen Silvia.

  • Crown Princess Victoria, the King,  Prince Carl Philip,  Princess Madeleine,  and Queen Silvia. 

  • 18.03.1994. Cultural Exchange Sweden-France. Scott # 2065, 2067, 2068, 2069, 2070.
  • The stamps are out of a set of six, of which Slania has engraved the five stamps shown. 
    • Manuscript from the 15th century.  «Le Roman de la Rose».

    • The House of Nobility, Stockholm. 
    • «Household Chores».  Painting by P. Hilleström.

    • «King Karl XIV Johan».  Painting by F. Gerard.

    • «Banquet for Gustavus III at the Trianon in 1784.  Painting by N. Lafrensen the Younger. This is the only stamp that Slania engraved for France of this joint issue. 

01.10.1994.  Protect our Birds. World Wildlife Fund. From left to right: Caspian Tern, White Tailed Sea-Eagle, White-Backed Woodpecker and Lesser White-Fronted Goose.

  • 11.11.1994.  Nobel Laureates in Literature:
    • Erik Axel Karlfeldt (1864-1931).  Laureate 1931.
    • Eyvind Johnson (1900-1976).  Laureate 1974.
    • Harry Martinsson (1904-1978).  Laureate 1974.