Queen Elizabeth II, with or without oval frame. Size 72 x 92 mm. This is a banknote essay finally not adopted. Also has been printed in various colours.



1991. Brazil. Unadopted engraving for 10.000 cruzeiros banknote. Portrait of Vital Brasil. At left the banknote issued, note that name is “Vital Brazil”. At the right, the project engraved by Slania, read “Vital Brasil”, with “S”.

Vital Brazil Mineiro da Campanha, known as Vital Brazil; (April 28, 1865 in Campanha, Minas Gerais, Brazil – May 8, 1950) was a Brazilian physician, biomedical scientist and immunologist, internationally renowned for the discovery of the polyvalent anti-ophidic serum used to treat bites of venomous snakes of the Crotalus, Bothrops and Elaps genera. (Source: Wikipedia).


1994. Brazil. Unadopted engraving for 10.000 cruzeiros banknote. Portrait of “Rendeira” (Embroiderer). A typical manufacture in some brazilian regions.


  • Indian bank note of 5 rupees (1996). 

  • Gandhi essay by Slania, not adopted.

The image used for banknote issued and Slania essay is the same but engravings are different, there are many differences.


The die proof print shown on the right was found by Piotr Naszarkowski on Slania’s desk after his death. The image is a poor third-generation photocopy of the original, but Naszarkowski has overlaid and compared the portrait, line-by-line with the 20,000 rial banknote with the portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini shown immediately below, and tells that except for the collar and button which were changed, the images are exact.


At the left the essay made by Czeslaw Slania, made around 1992. At the right, the banknote issued of President Joseph Saidu Momoh, in use 1988-1993, with his portrait. The banknote with engraving by Slania never was used, Momoh was deposed before it uses.


The engraving of Parliament Building of Uruguay by Slania looks very much like the image used by Uruguay on their series of bank notes from 1974 until 1992 but a closed examination shows numerous differences in lines and shades. Probably was used the same image for make the engravings but were made by different engravers competing for same contract.



From the left to the right:

Essay for a Swedish banknote, ca. 1998.

Canada 2000. Issued 2001. 50 $ not accepted. William Lyon Mackenzie King, Prime Minister, 1921–1930 and 1935–1948.

Canada 2000. Banknote issued in 2001. 10$ from the same issue engraved, in this case, by the great mexican engraver Mr. Jorge Peral. Sir John A. Macdonald, Prime Minister, 1867–1873 and 1878–1891.